Cebu Digital Link’s First Ever SEO Training Session Is FREE to Attend

We are very excited to announce that Cebu Digital Link, a young, results-driven SEO company based in Cebu, is holding its first ever SEO Training Session. And the best thing about it is that it is FREE to attend! Our team of digital marketing experts will be there to discuss and impart their digital marketing knowledge in one memorable and fun-filled afternoon.

The tentative date of the informal session will be on August 26, 2017 at 1:00 P.M., though the venue is yet to be announced. Jackquiline Doring, the founder of Cebu Digital Link, will head the event. She will be joined by her co-founders, who will also talk about the basics of their respective areas of expertise.

The topics that will be covered are as follows:

A Must Do Technical SEO

Technical SEO, SEO

Jackquiline Doring will show you how to fix some of the minor issues that our two eyes can see, but are usually ignored. This can cause a big trouble in the future. She will share what she learned from Glen Dimaandal during their 1-week SEO Training at GDI SEO Company, San Fernando, Pampanga.

Content Writing Tips

Content Writing, SEO

Catherine Trimidal, one of the Co-Founders, will be imparting tips on how to get your content out there to be easily found and ranked in Google Search Result Pages.

Creative Approaches to Link Building

Link Building, SEO

April Joy Canete, one of the Co-Founders, will be sharing her expertise in link building. She will be discussing some of the most effective approaches in link building in our own creative way.

While there are lots of interesting topics to cover, we will strive to share with you the techniques and strategies we know to hopefully improve your digital marketing efforts. As founder Jackquiline Doring said, “We should always have the mindset to share knowledge to those who are eager to learn. That way, we can build a better and stronger digital marketing industry in the country.”

For this session, we will only be accommodating the first 15 registrants due to venue limitations (and to keep close as well). You may register for our FREE event here.

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