DHL Express Workshop, eCommerce

Crossing Borders with DHL Express

Last February 27, 2018, Cebu Digital Link had the opportunity to attend the Power Up Your Potential: DHL eCommerce Workshop. The event aimed to help entrepreneurs learn and be familiar with key cross-border solutions that will help improve and grow an online business. DHL Express, eCommerce, logistics solutions The workshop, which was held at Radisson Blu, completely had us with their promising freight solutions that answer the growing needs of the eCommerce industry. It seems that every day, they get better and better at what they’re doing. No wonder why they are hailed one of the most reliable logistics providers worldwide.

About DHL

DHL Express Workshop, eCommerce

Founded in 1969, DHL was founded by Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom, and Robert Lynn. At that time, they did not envision themselves, conquering the world of logistics. With dedication and passion for work, they rose to the top. Today, they are the world’s leading logistics company, serving more than 350,000 people in over 220 territories and countries.

Why DHL?

DHL Express, eCommerce, logistics solutions With so many logistics providers out there, you might be asking why DHL? There are four main reasons. First, they have their own network, which means it is possible to sell and ship out goods on the same day. Second, they support growth by offering express delivery solutions and easy returns. Third, they are backed with years of experience, which means they can support you in the process of globalizing your business. And last but not the least, they value speed. In fact, it is what their reputation is built on.

Power Up Your Potential

DHL Express, eCommerce, logistics solutions eCommerce is a booming industry, particularly in the Southeast Asian region. With companies like DHL Express, entrepreneurs and business owners in this field can confidently and conveniently fulfill cross- border purchases, as well as cater to the needs and demands of their customers, wherever, whenever.

Wrapping Up

DHL Express, eCommerce, logistics solutions Hosted by DHL Express Philippines, the Power Up Your Potential: DHL eCommerce Workshop is the first workshop hosted by the company in Cebu that supports eCommerce. In case you missed the seminar, check out this awesome material. To find out more about DHL Express, go to or visit DHL Express on DHL Express, eCommerce, logistics solutions

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